Knob Recorder

The C3 module is a three-channel module for recording and playing back movements of controllers. Those can be recorded with each channelīs individual knob. The movements will be output as control voltages. The record time amounts to 102 seconds maximal. The track can be played once only (one shot) or in loop. The speed of the play back or the output offset is controllable with the pot. Track one has an additional CV input. The pot 1 can be used here like an offset ruler. All three tracks have a common reset input. All track data can be stored in internal non-volatil memory and will be reloaded after power on. Software updates are possible via backward USB connector.

Ribbon cable adapter for Doepfer bus +/-12Volt
Inputs: 1x CV (0..+10V), 1x Reset (0/+5..10V), 1/8th inch mono jacks
Outputs: 3x CV (0..+10V), 1/8th inch mono jacks
Control elements:
10 push buttons
3 knobs for CV, speed, offset
3 LED’s
Resolutions: AD/DA converter: 12bit, Sample rate: 50Hz or 100Hz
Current consumption: + 102mA / - 12mA
Size: Euro rack format 3U / 6HP 30x128,5x33 mm


- PDF - MANUAL C-3 module version 1.00 (english)
- PDF - HANDBUCH C-3 module version 1.00 (deutsch)

- PDF - MANUAL C-3 module version 1.01 (english)
- PDF - HANDBUCH C-3 module version 1.01 (deutsch)

- PDF - MANUAL C-3 module version 1.02 (english)
- PDF - HANDBUCH C-3 module version 1.02 (deutsch)

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Version History
Advice: For updating the firmware please download the HEX file
(please click on the link with the right mouse button for download the file).
You can update the device with "Atmel FLIP" (for windows, Linux) or with "DFU-programmer 0.5.2" (for MAC-OS).
Instruction manuals here:
- PDF - UPDATE Anleitung PC (deutsch) NEW!
- PDF - UPDATE Anleitung MAC OSX (deutsch) NEW!
- PDF - UPDATE Instructions PC (english) NEW!
- PDF - UPDATE Instructions MAC OSX (english) NEW!

v1.00 (date: june 14, 2011)
- first Version of serie

- download: C3_V100.HEX Firmware Version 1.00

v1.01 (date: june 27, 2011)
- store tracks separately
- new manual version 1.01

- download: C3_V101.HEX Firmware Version 1.01

v1.02 (date: july 20, 2011)
- selectable sample rate (50Hz for filters, 100Hz for Oscillators)
- revision of boot hot keys
- fix bug initialisations boot keys
- new manual version 1.02

- download: C3_V102.HEX Firmware Version 1.02