The echometer is a midi sequencer/looper where you can record and playback midi notes and/or controller values from three independent tracks over up to four bars length in realtime or quantized if you want. Over implemented buttons, external Midipads or keys you can just record the timing of the events up to Midi. You can also trigger them analogwise over the gate input switch per track.

The echometer is mainly designed to create, play and edit drums and percussion beats on the fly. Still you can edit basslines or melodies to be given out in addition or as it. Over up to six voltage control outputs for 0 to 5 volts you can also control and manage analogue components such as filters, analogue synthesizers or such stuff in a modular system. The enormous possibilities in combination with the midi are uncountable.

IN opposite to a classical step sequencer the echometer always sets the real step directly to the beat sceme, quantized or not, more as a looper does. To set/record steps there are several ways: SHOTS generate a note repeat quantized between 96th ticks over triolic scemes down to just quarter notes, The choice can me changed at any time on the fly. Alternatively you can also set single notes quantized or not. In realtime recording there will be also held the gate time, what is needed for notes and melodies at least. The Loop quantization (LQ) can also be choosend afterwards.

The Echometer has several echo or repeat functions: A loop with up to 4 bars length can be played either endless, once or comparable with a real echo slowly going down with the volume; this can be set with the release button. New steps can be added or deleted at any time that the loop can vary constantly.

Echos can be added or deleted from single steps with the echo buttons called time and depth without changing the looped beat in his structure. These changes can be recorded over four bars length separately per track to be played back automatically, what is a part of the hold function.

The hold function is freezing the current state of the loops to play them back endless To still get additional variations, you can go ahead playing more things with it without changing the loop. The Echo still can be set on or off all the time.

With the mute function you can temporary cut one of the tracks, The Length of the Loops can be varied between one, two or four bars on the fly. With the VARIATIONS-pot you can add random functions to the running loops and the loop lengths. So you can easily realize playable arrangements live.

The Sequencer can run with the internal clock in tempi from 10 til 230 bpm or externally synced over Midi-clock or with internal Half-time. Each of the three tracks can also be a monophonic line of notes, sending control changes and pitch bend in addition, the midi channel can be choosen free for every track. Two additional Control-Voltage outputs from 0 to 5V per Track can be set as in different ways.

Many additonal configuration settings can be choosen over the edit menu individually. All settings are stored in the unit and can not be lost by turning it off. They can be saved in addition externally over Midi-Dump.

Technical details

- Analogue Clock + CV-outputs
- Analogue Trigger inputs
- MIDI-Sync (intern/extern MIDI-Clock)
- 3 Tracks with Note-,Controller/Pitchbend-,Analog-Tracks
- extern Midi-Trigger
- included triplet notes
- Shots (Note repeat, breaks, fills)
- Shuffle (8th)
- MIDI(in) to CV/Gate(out)
- Random Functions
- Quantize
- Loop Release
- Bar Variations
- Step Echos (Note-Repeat)
- User defined Midi-setup
- Sysex-Dump
- Outputs 3,5mm mono jacks: Gate / CV
- CV voltage: 0..5V
- Trigger voltage: 0..5V
- MIDI in + out
- 12..14VAC input
- Size: 165x100x42mm


- PDF - Quickstart manual (english)
- PDF - Kurzanleitung (deutsch)

- PDF - HANDBUCH (deutsch)
- PDF - MANUAL (english)

- Midi Implementation Chart Version 1.08

- Videos on YouTube

- Press photo 1 "FLAME ECHOMETER" (JPG,300dpi,RGB)
- Press photo 2 "FLAME ECHOMETER" (JPG,300dpi,RGB)
- Postcard "FLAME ECHOMETER" (PDF,300dpi,CMYK)

Version History
Informations - no Downloads!
Advice: Update is only possible per change of the programm-chip (Eprom)!
v1.00 - v1.05 (date: October 23, 2008)
- first Versions of Prototype for tests
- included all main functions
- bugfixes

v1.06 (date: October 27, 2008)
- first Version of serie

v1.07 (date: November 2, 2008)
- receive NOTE OFF (Hex 80)
- optimized MIDI-In routine
- bugfixes

v1.08 (date: November 4, 2008)
- reset behind STOP: Pitch Bend (center position), Control Change 1 Modulation (value=0)
- Shots per MIDI-In without Quantize
- Echo values without Random (Variations)
- send Control Change numbers 0..119
- new Range of values per MIDI-In: Note numbers 24-84 = Control Change values 0-120

v1.09-1.10 (date: february, 2009)
- small bugfixes

v2.00 (date: may, 2010)
- not clear sequence after stop
- track 1-3 with analog echos
- possible to set mute on/off in stop mode
- not sending notes in stop mode if mute is on