Chord generator / Arpeggiator

The module generates maximum four part chords within a range of maximum 9 octaves. To your disposal are 32 chords in 2 banks which can be put additionally into the first or second inversion. As a further variation the respective second note of the set chord (CV gate 2) can be transposed down about one octave. So in total there are 192 chords to your disposal.

The module can be used for the generation of 2 -note, 3-note or 4-note chords plus a fifth arpeggio voice. The arpeggiator can be used also like an quantizer with a scale of four voices.

You have 3 operating modes for manual calibrations plus quantized or not quantized control via CV inputs. The notes of the chord can be spread sequentially via the separate arpeggio output. Via the CV input the arpeggio can be spread or be put into scale mode (quantizer). The arpeggio can be played in all three modes.

The five CV outputs are set on the 1v/ octave characteristic (via hardware). To compensate variations of connected VCO`s, for each output you can separately adjust in small steps the 1v/octave spreading or an offset.


- PDF - MANUAL Chord machine module version 1.00 (english)
- PDF - HANDBUCH Chord machine module version 1.00 (deutsch)

Revision 2:
- PDF - MANUAL Chord machine module version 1.01 (english)
- PDF - HANDBUCH Chord machine module version 1.01 (deutsch)

Video 1 on YouTube (thanks ebotronix)
Video 2 on YouTube (thanks ebotronix)
Video 3 on YouTube (thanks ebotronix)

Version History
Advice: For updating the firmware please download the HEX file
(please click on the link with the right mouse button for download the file).
You can update the device with "Atmel FLIP" (for windows, Linux) or with "DFU-programmer 0.5.2" (for MAC-OS).
Instruction manuals here:
- PDF - UPDATE Anleitung PC (deutsch) NEW!
- PDF - UPDATE Anleitung MAC OSX (deutsch) NEW!
- PDF - UPDATE Instructions PC (english) NEW!
- PDF - UPDATE Instructions MAC OSX (english) NEW!

v1.00 (date: february 14, 2012)
- first Version of serie

- download: CMM_V100.HEX Firmware Version 1.00

v1.01 (date: march 27, 2012)
- update:
- new function "chord list"
- unisono chord for better tuning oszillators
- new manual version 1.01

- download: CMM_V101.HEX Firmware Version 1.01

v1.03 (date: april 10, 2016)
- Manual Mode with Transpose CV in
- 2nd Tone is 3rd Tone (one octave higher)
- Transpose CV in begins at 0V
- Rotary switch for keynote is always active
- Chord list begins at 9V
- Arpeggio independent from Octave switch and keynote switch)
- Delete arpeggio spread function
- Arpeggio 1 oct up to 3 Octaves:
  0-0,99v Arpeggio 1 Octave
  1-1,99v Arpeggio over 2 Octaves = 1. and 2. Octave
  2-3,99v Arpeggio over 3 Octaves = 1. and 2. and 3. Octave
  4v - 9,5v Quantizer (5 Octaves) output begins at 0v


Chord bank left:
9. Diminished (0,3,6,9 with two inversions)
14. major 7/9 (0,4,11,14 with two inversions)
15. major 7/13 (0,11,14,17 with two inversions)
16. 3rd = Unisono (0V)
     2nd = Wholetone Random 0,2,4,6,8,10
     Root = Random 0..11

Chord bank right:
15. minor maj 7 (0,3,7,11 with two inversions)
16. Root = Random major 0,2,4,5,7,9,11
     2nd = Random minor 0,2,3,5,7,8,10
     3rd = Unisono one Octave (two voices at 0 , two voices + 12)

- download: CMM_V103.HEX Firmware Version 1.03

v1.04 (date: june 4, 2017)
- Update 1v/Oct inputs
- input scaling for correct 100Kohm impedance

- download: CMM_V104.HEX Firmware Version 1.04