The FLAME Six-In-A-Row is a small pocket universal MIDI-sequencer/controller whitch can be used as a stand-alone MIDI device but also as a remote for PC/ Mac via MIDI. It can be put into standard application or into MIDI remote mode booting after power on. Following updates or other software are loadable permanently per USB (only wih PC).

The remote mode offers the possibility to communicate with a PC/Mac via MIDI. A relatively simple protocol is implimented which is based on MIDI control change and on note commands. This makes it possible to put the LEDs and the LCDdisplay individually. The key buttons and the endless control dial send the according note / control change data. Up to 16 devices can be run at the same time using different MIDI channels. With the aid of MAX/MSP, PURE DATA, REAKTOR or with LOGIC ENVIRONMENT you can programme your own applications.

download: MIDI-REMOTE protocol implementation v1.02 (english)

The first standard application is a MIDI phrase sequencer. It operates independantely from PC/Mac as a single hardware tool. The sequencer is planned as a performance tool. It possesses 5 tracks: 2 MELODY tracks and 3 DRUM tracks. Unlike to the step sequencer the sequences are generated/ manipulated / recorded here directly. At your disposal are precast rhythm patterns (phrases, pulse) which can be combined arbitrarily. The generated pattern is at most 4 measures long but the particular measure parts can be switched on/off independantely from each other during the performance. That makes variations of the pattern cycle easily possible.

Both melody tracks are arranged identically. To your disposal are SCALE/ KEYNOTE, CHORD, ARPEGGIO, PHRASES, PULSE, SINGLE NOTE, VELOCITY, MUTE and HOLD: The selected scale and keynote bends the bushputtons to the according notes. For better orientation the pushbuttons of the keynote and the following octaves are put into green. The chords always adjust to the chosen key (tonality). The played sequence can be overwritten or combined optionally with other adjustments. There is a CLEAR-pushbutton to delete steps at the current position or all steps of the track. The tracks are monophonic ( at single notes) or triple polyphonic ( at chords- triads).

To your disposal are 3 drum tracks in the drum page. Per track it can be put 4 instruments (notes) on 4 play pushbuttons. The track is monophonic, that is per track only one single note can sound at the same time. PHRASES / PULSE can be put on 6 pushbuttons, which than can be changed while playing. Also playable are at a sixteenth quantisised single notes. Each of the tracks has an own clear pushbutton to delete steps at the current position ( or all steps of the track). MUTE/ HOLD are also at your disposal for each track. There are two playmodes: NORMAL (green) means the pressed bushbutton only plays the according note. ALTERNATE ( yellow) means that the pressed pushbutton alternately plays the according note and the note of the adjacent bushbutton. (helpfull e.g. at HiHats!)

To each sequencer track can be assigned one own MIDI channel. The pattern can be back upped in the internal EEPROM. Synchronisation is possible per external MIDI clock. The sending of MIDI clock at external synchronisation can be switched off.

Technical details

- 54 pushbuttons with bicolor LEDs
- Data entry knob
- LCD Display 3x16 characters
- MIDI in + out
- 12VDC/800mA input
- Size: 167x102x42mm


- PDF - MIDI-REMOTE protocol implementation v1.02 (english)
- PDF - MIDI-PHRASE-SEQUENCER brief description 10/2009 (english)

- 4 parts Video tutorial on YouTube (english)
- 4 Teile Video tutorial auf YouTube (deutsch)

- Press photo 1 "FLAME SIX-IN-A-ROW" (JPG,300dpi,RGB)
- Press photo 2 "FLAME SIX-IN-A-ROW" (JPG,230dpi,RGB)